ClaimLogik for builders

Helping you improve your results across Cost, Quality, Lifecycle and Customer Experience.

Process automation

ClaimLogik is an enterprise strength, intelligent platform that automates processes for Builders – resulting in reduced manual job handling activities, efficient job lifecycles and reduced human error.

Connect all stakeholders

ClaimLogik is a fully integrated platform that connects ALL stakeholders of a job.

Manage end to end fulfilment

Enables Builders to manage the end to end fulfilment process including scoping/assessment, pricing, sourcing and invoicing.

Better business intelligence

Combines property intelligence, predictive analytics, decisioning technology and property data – enabling Builders to operate their businesses more efficiently and intelligently.

Purpose built pricing platform

Includes a purpose built pricing platform that uses the raw cost of trade, materials and related claims spend  items – resulting in standardised cost of jobs.

Connecting trades, builders and suppliers

Connects a community of trades, builders and suppliers through a cloud-based competitive sourcing and repair management platform – resulting in consistent and improved quality and customer outcomes.

Comprehensive supplier management platform

Includes a comprehensive supplier management platform fully integrated with the fulfilment process.

Project schedules available to all stakeholders

Includes project scheduling for every building scope and fulfilment request, linked to a detailed project and completion schedule visible to internal and external stakeholders.

Granular analytics to improve your business

Provides an overarching framework that captures performance data at every key stage of the job lifecycle – ensuring significant intelligence required to drive continued improvement around cost, repair lifecycles, quality management and customer experience.

Capture materials and labor spend

Captures data at the most granular level possible right down to the materials and labor spend across trade type and geography – enabling unprecedented analytics that drive optimal decision making.

Licenses and insurances management

Ensures that all licences are recorded and kept up to date, including the capture of all insurances.

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Connect everyone in your claim

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