Property assess & repair ecosystem

We connect everyone in your property claim from start to finish.

Stakeholder Management

ClaimLogik connects EVERY stakeholder in a claim with real time access, to complete tasks and manage activities at the right time, in the right order and with complete transparency. All stakeholders have access to workflow modules that have been customized to enable them to track, manage and complete tasks throughout the claim.

Stay connected
All stakeholders connected on one claim
Complete transparency
on claim status for all stakeholders
Line of sight for all activities
across the entire claim
Digital contracts
between Insurer and supply chain
Service level agreements
with all suppliers and trades
KPI management
to measure and compare supplier performance
Automated exception management
when tasks fall outside SLAs
Detailed audit trail
of all activities performed by all stakeholders
Capacity management
for CAT events and BAU

Claim Management

Support the core activities of personal & commercial property claims adjusting and supply chain management.  ClaimLogik offers the flexibility that allows you to configure workflows and business rules to support company-specific products, geography and customer expectations.

Claim reporting
Claim intake module for call centers or customers
Emergency assistance & mitigation
to reduce potential loss costs
Property repair management
to assist customers with repairs
Competitive sourcing
to establish market cost for materials and services
Supply chain management
with real time view of all claim activities
Desktop and field assessment
provides flexibility to manage claim resources and cost

And much more….

Business intelligence & analytics
to gain a deeper understanding of the activities and behaviors that drive performance
Claim watches and @mentions

Claim watches and @mentions help to focus on sensitive claims

Embedded consulting services
that help you define methodologies that support business objectives
CAT management
tools that help you manage an event before it happens
Live video streaming
to speed the adjusting process and enhance claim quality
Desk adjusting
reduce costs and complete more reports remotely
Vendor management
manage your supply chain all from one platform

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Connect everyone in your claim

from first notice of loss to completion.