ClaimLogik is a digital claims management platform for the insurance industry. It connects and manages all stakeholders in a claim, improving operational efficiency for insurers and the claims experience for policyholders.

The ClaimLogik SaaS has been built from the ground up with the express vision of connecting ALL stakeholders in a claim – from the Policyholder to the Broker, to the Insurer, to the Supply Chain. At every level of the process the platform drives better results across the 4 Success Quadrants of Cost, Quality, Lifecycle and ultimately Customer Satisfaction.

ClaimLogik contracts with insurance industry and property repair management stakeholders to supply technology that helps them manage the end-to-end claims fulfilment process. We are committed to working collaboratively with our clients, and industry, to continually innovate and deliver exceptional solutions and service to our clients.


Our vision is for an integrated marketplace that enables all stakeholders of an insurance claim to interact collaboratively, in order to drive best in class Cost, Quality & Lifecycle outcomes.

All stakeholders in a claim will have full insight and transparency into the status, next steps and schedule at all times. This is facilitated by an integrated technology solution that gives each stakeholder their own access to relevant claims information.

This integrated marketplace will drive best in class processes enabling each stakeholder to focus on what they do best. Through intelligent triage/scoping, accurate pricing, defined processes, stakeholder communication and performance based supplier management, the best outcomes will be obtained.


Increased customer satisfaction will result in better client retention for Insurers, Brokers and Suppliers alike.

Accurate pricing at the start of a claim and the continued downward pressure on cost will result in better reserving and better claim ratios for the Insurer or Underwriting Agency.

This will create a claims network that is…


Get better results across your 4 Success Quadrants

without sacrificing one for another